Learn to Run

People think running is this magical s##t that you (kinda) do ‘some days’ a week and then your cardio will be intergalactical or whatever. But if I’d ask you to hit the bag 15 times, or do 20 squats a day and then go fight a pro, or lift a car… well… can you?… funny huh ?!

Running is the cardiovascular activity that we are bred to do from monkeys to Jesus and back to our modern day monkeys. But that does not mean you have to skip (re)learning technique, progression and skip the ‘have patience’ in your evolution.

So the next time you go out there and get your ‘cardio in’; ask yourself : what am I doing here ?

You might just find a cute new mountain to climb 🙂 !

And I’d love to help you with that. I’ve been running now for at least 15 years. In these years I’ve done small (5k, 10k, Semi-marathons) and big races (marathons & ultra-marathons) over road, trail and mixed types of roads.

I’m also a combat sports athlete that (thanks to my cardiovascular level) can apply constant pressure to my opponents, rarely tire, and can permit to have both offensive and defensive fighting styles throughout my sparring and/or fights.

Wanna learn/talk more ?

Just click here and setup a talk with me, so we can define, plan and start chasing your mountain !

How much will this cost ?

Here’s the deal : After we asses where you are, I’ll propose a 1 to 6 months (or more) plan to achieve our goals.

If you have problems in defining your goals, I can also help you with that, completely free of charge. Just click here!

Depending on the how much time we have, and what we want to achieve, I will not charge you more than 20 to 40 EUR per month.

What do I get for my money ?

  • Personalized training plan, including: training sessions, recovery (and strength) tips and exercises, running strategies, race tactics and more;
  • General meal plan: the big dos and don’ts of a running diet;
  • Weekly to Bi-Weekly training follow-ups;
  • 100% of my experience, tips, tricks, insights to help you reach your goal(s);
  • If you live near me : at least 3 training sessions together;
  • If you plan to race in my region (and if you want me to) : I’ll race with you, so we can both crush our goal !