Elena - The Runner

Elena came to me with one major goal (I want more energy) and one preference (I like to run). So we started running.
Elena didn’t know how to run (yet) however. Our first running sessions included slow paces, walking, and an overall test of patience.

Elena’s first run : 7 sets of 400-450m of running with 7 sets of walking : 3.5Km. (31 minutes).

What followed was 6 months of learning to run, with 3 running sessions per week, in a rhythm that a working, single mother of two could handle.
6 Months past, we had a decent base. Walking was still present, but the distance between walks was getting longer, and the walking itself was slowly going extinct. It was just a matter of time.
And/But now we needed a new goal. Something to spice things up. And we found a pretty one : her first 10Km.

Elena’s run on the day after Christmas : 4 x 500m run with 15s walking between sets

6 months later, after a global pandemic locked us in our homes and cancelled the race we wanted to celebrate her goal, her running transformation was complete. We Had Arrived !

Elena’s FIRST 10km run : 10km / 1:28:25 – with an average pace of 8:46min/km. Not bad for someone who couldn’t run 1 km 6 months before !

What can she do now

Elena (as I congratulated her myself fellow runners) is now a runner; has an active lifestyle throughout the week; is eating (and drinking) better.

I have more energy, I sleep better, and feel better than how I felt in the beginning.

Her words.

— Mission accomplished.

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