Our nutrition ‘choices and advices’ : Keto, Paleo, Vegetarien, Vegane, Raw-Vegan, Carnivore, Atkins, Weight watchers, Raw, Mediteranean,…my goodnesss...why has eating become so complicated ?

You, Me and Our Loved ones

When we were young, we ate what was in our plate, without knowing all these terms and things like why should you ‘avoid fats’, at which time should you eat your last meal of the day, how many calories are in an apple and so on.

I want us to rediscover the simplicity of eating/food. (Re)Learning to eat should not be a question of adhering to a strict set of rules, for a predefined period of time.
At its’ core, eating healthy should be a lifestyle choice, based on logical concepts that should be easy to follow; not counting calories, checking your ‘macros’ or (even) intermittent fasting for 18 hours in order to ‘eliminate toxins’.

Reserved for Athletes

Are you an athlete in search of performing at your peak ? The same principles also apply to you.
There is a myth running around that athletes cannot have the same nutritional habits as ‘everyone else’. However, throughout my ‘7+ years’ career as an athlete (and other peers of mine) I have learned the contrary.

The only differente between an athlete and someone who is still searching for his/her goals, is a plan of attack and lots of rigor in the journey towards his goals. The nutritional objectives are (or at least they should be) the same : eating healthy food, rich in vitamins, and adapted to each persons’ activity requirements.

Diets don’t work

No, they don’t! With all the “Before” and “After” photos, the stories (true nontheless) about ’20Kgs in 1 month’ or others..
The ‘big secret‘ of the fitness industry is that diets and weight loss programs are conceived to be sold, to have ‘spectacular’ results in the least amount of time and to eventually create the ‘addiction’ towards the certain solution/product/image etc..

More on this ? : Listen to this !

What Does Work

Here’s just some ideas :

  • Don’t count calories, make your calories count!
  • Eat healthy/earth grown, nutrient dense food !
  • Change your eating habits one step at a time; the rest will follow!

Let me Help You

Who am I ?

I’ve been a high performance athlete for more than 7 years.
I’ve been running for more than 10 years, doing triathlons since 2015, and am an M.M.A. fighter since 2014 and coach since 2015 (with total of over 20+ years of combat sports).

During this time, I’ve done all the wrong things possible regarding my nutrition:

  • Not eating enough;
  • Eating to much;
  • Eating what I absolutely should not have, (and) when I should not have;
  • ‘Traditional’ weight cutting for a fighter that should go down in weight and so must go in ‘caloric deficit’ ;
  • Put on 15+Kgs between competitions;
  • Insufficient hydration, etc..

I did all this because I did now know there was another way. A ‘system’ and philosophy that now allows me to push my body to its limits, surpass them, but also keep a good balance between my ‘athlete life’ and my ‘social life’ (going out, holidays when you can’t refuse your mothers pies, etc).

La ‘Dolce’ Vita

If you do now know who Mike Dolce is and what he has done for the sport of M.M.A. globally, that’s O.K.

Here are a couple of bullet points:

  • 4 times M.M.A coach of the year;
  • founder of the ‘Dolce‘ system;
  • the man responsable for many U.F.C, olympic and fitness champions, etc;

When I first discovered the ‘Dolce’ system I immediately understood that the quality of what we put on our plates will have a direct correlation with the (all and any) goals we set for ourselves. And ever since then, I’ve never looked back (I even have the certification to proove it 🙂 ).

It’s allong this principle (and all of the ideas mentionned above) that I now come to your help.

Shall we start together ?!

I want you to reach your goals !

  • Loose weight;
  • Start (or restart) working out and/or getting in shape;
  • Optimise your nutrition for:
    • building muscle;
    • more energy;
    • running faster (and longer);
    • endurance sports;
    • combat sports;
  • Change your habits;
  • Construct a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

If you find yourself in any of the ideas from above, then come join me. I will use all my knowledge and passion to help you reach your goals and arrive at the top of your mountain !

My Offer

Your Evaluation – 100% Free

If you have an hour of your time, it’s all we need to meet/get to know each other. During this time we will discuss:

  • Who you are;
  • What are your goal(s);
  • How and in what time do you want to reach it/them;
  • My proposal for reaching your goal(s);
  • A plan of ‘attack’;
  • Any other question that you may have regarding our ‘quest’.

The first month – 100% Free

I want you to be convinced of the fact that we can achieve our goals.
I’m so confident that I will give you a further 50% off for the second month!
If after 2 months together you do not see any change, you consider that it’s not worth your time, or any other reason you might have to stop our journey together; I will respect your choice and demand nothing in return.

I want you to succeed!

The next steps – 100% For You

What you will get
  1. Nutrition guidelines ‘sculpted’ for your objectives, including: hydration; the ‘what is it ?’, ‘how much ?’ and ‘when ?’ of nutrition;
  2. Weekly Nutrition follow-up;
  3. Sport/active lifestyle guidelines to reach your goal(s);
  4. The full extent of my knowledge of the ‘Dolcesystem, including a team of expert nutritionists at (y)our disposal (if needed).
What I will ask

The costs for my services start at 20 Euros per month, for a completely flexible time frame, according to your goals and needs.

A few succes stories

A part of my ‘home’ that is always growing and that I encourage you to visit are the transformations!
Here you will find the most pertinent (measurable) examples/results of my work, my mission, my objective!

My Objective

My main goal/objective is that at some point you will no longer need me.
You will have the good/best nutrtion habits; a healthy and active lifestyle and your goals and achievements will be at the height of what you can trully become!

I’m not trying to sell you myself, products or magic potions..
I’m trying to sell you the future you !
What do you want it to look like ?

P.S. : For any question, suggestion and any other subject you would like to discuss, contact me on one of my social media platforms bellow 🙂

— What Is Your Mountain ?