Define your Goals

This page is destined for people that are stuck.

Regardless of socio-economical background, we humans have evolved for greatness. We have evolved to run, jump, hunt, chase and surpass our physical and mental expectations.

We do however have a habit of also getting in our own way. And we do so by defining our modern life goals by modern life ideals. Eg : I want to move more, I want to look better, I want to be healthier, etc.

To define goals in such a way, for the majority of us, will ultimately lead to either failure, or abandonment of our objectives. This is because, beyond our ‘beautiful dreams’, our capacity to ‘ignite and engage’ the objective is missing.

Whatever the type of goal one seeks, the importance of specification and planning is paramount to the succes of ced goal. And that’s where I come in.

Throughout my 20+ years of endurance and combat sports experience, I have became extremely proficient in defining and organising and pursuingh my goals.

And so, with this experience, I now come to your aid. You, the person who wants something that seems so simple, but can’t quite figure out how to ‘get there’.

To make a long story short, if you have 15-30 minutes of your time, all you have to do is setup a meeting with me (link bellow). And don’t worry; it’s completely free 🙂 !

I am confident that at the end of this meeting, you will have a much clearer vision on your objectives, a defined goal, and the first steps to proceed in crushing it !

So, shall we begin ?! What is your Mountain ?

Set our meeting here..

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